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Attention Ford Focus RS owners

Click here for more information on Ford's Technical Service Bulletin for the 17-16 Ford focus RS, and what 17-16 Focus RS owners need to do BEFORE using the Hypertech Max Energy 2.0 Power Programmer.

Hypertech 2018 Product Catalog

Check out Hypertech's 2018 Product Catalog. Plug it up. Power it up. Live it up! with the latest high-performance engine tuning products from Hypertech available for your vehicle.

What's In The Shop

Our Tuning & Engineering Departments are working diligently on the Ford EcoBoost Focus hot hatches. The Focus ST tuning is already done and the power gains are amazing! The Focus RS is on the dyno right now, and the power is looking just as insane. Be on the lookout for the Max Energy 2.0 for this release in the near future!!!

Amy Faulk: FACES of Memphis

Hypertech CEO and World Champion Racer Amy Faulk was featured in a recent FACES of Memphis article. The article reflects on Amy’s successful career in drag racing as well as her success as Hypertech’s CEO. Read the full article here

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